Doubt anybody still comes here…

Posted January 3, 2012 by Tammie
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I really do doubt it. But I’ll post anyway.

Okay- here’s how it’s going to work;

Until more batteries are in the camera- the blog will have pictures taken from 3ds.

So- a really big quality loss. Compare:

We’re talking from this; To this:

;A;  Oi.

Si yep, that’s just the update… I miss acwwreport so much 😥 Shouldn’t have deleted it-

I think when (this is a temparary blog, remember?) I’ll try to name it acww report… 😕 sigh…

So yeah~ Just an update. That no one will see.

Happy new year!

Posted January 1, 2012 by Tammie
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Yeah, 2 hours and 16 minutes for me (2:16 a.m) has passsed! Good bye 2011! You were great- alot of people said you were the worst year o.O

I love the way 2012 sounds. It’s so perfect- I imagine myself playing tennis when I think about it.

My sister told me to start the new year, Japan had an earthquake?? Good baby Jesus….

Lawl… I thought this was pretty funny:


A man’s son plays around on the sidewalk, about to tip onto the street.

Father says, “Son, stop before you get hit by a car.”

“Yes daddy.” The son replies.

The father looks both ways and crosses the street and gets hit by a car.”

😆 I thought that was pretty funny, i dunno about you. Of course it wouldn’t be funny if it really happened or anything… T_T`

So yep, typing away….

Just a bunch of New year malarkey- Took down the christmas tree yesterday.

My grandma says it’s bad luck to bring something old into new years.


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I hugely apologize for not posting about Loveland in a while…


I have a blog name in mind–

But, it means Loveland has got to go-

There’s no way for it to fit in-

Not at all….

Loveland was sort of a dark town…

I want a town full of pastel colors!

Me and my sister, Christina (Tina) have the final name in mind….

Ohohoho, I’m excited! Thank you for all that you have done, but chibicrossing is out of the picture now 😀

Feel free to use this as a site name when I delete it..

I’m SO excited!!!!

We’re going to work REALLY hard—

The camera has been really tired lately so expect the blog to come out next year. (of course)

Hopefully before Febuary… ^__^ that’s all! Stay breezy =^.^=


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You’ve probably just recieved this comment not too long ago:

The new website is up!

No need to add us to your blogroll- this is just a temoarary blog for now, until we get the permanent blog up.

Please visit Chibicrossing for more details!~ 😉

Yes, well, here are the details 😀

We really need your help making decisions- since this will be the last blog from us and we need to make it right.

Please fill out these polls after I tell you what everything is about..

* Okay, we need help deciding a name. We want it to be a good blog, that can make you laugh, cry, smile, or look  forward to it. // So we need your help deciding what it should be called- we have a few names in mind! How about ACChocolate, Hypercrossing, Lolxing, Sillyxing, Hyperxing, ACWeekly*, ACBiweekly, ACForever, Averagedays… T3T I told you they were…. interesting.

;3: EEEP, if you think any of those were good or you have something in mind please tell us….

Smiledaily, Animalcity…. ‘orz we need your help… badly….

-Tammie & Tina


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How do you like the new blog?

Yeah, it’s a little noobish, but we aren’t done editing.

I hope you come to love the blog as much as you did acwwreport!